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Why to sell your Bitcoin to other platforms, while Bit Globals is giving you the true value of your bitcoin with extra ordinary features missing in your current platform. Now sell Bitcoins at true its value and swift withdrawal. No hidden charges.

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Trade Fee Withdrawal Fee Global Fund Trns US $ Same Day 0% No fees Yes US $ 16,992.98 2-4 days 0.16%-0.26% No No US $ 16955.70 2-4 days 0.2% No No

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Bit Globals Advantages


Bit Globals Advantages

The global trading platform with an associated suite of extra ordinary services that supports the entire global network

Sell and get cash in your account in less than 15 minutes

Pay your export payment via Crypto anytime anywhere Trade with or without KYC.


Start Trading Today

Bit Globals has a variety of features that make it the best platform to start trading today
BitGlobals offer the best and swift exchange crypto service

Buy & Sell

Now pay 0% Trade Fees to buy and sell your Bitcoin with No hidden charges and jaw dropping cashback.
  • • Instant Buy & Sell Bitcoin
  • • No Limit on buying & selling
  • • True value of your Bitcoin
  • • Instant withdrawal like nowhere
  • • Withdraw in local currency
  • • Instant Cashback Upto 25% on each sell & receive
The Fastest Transaction Speed
We value your time and patience and we take care of every transaction with maximum attention and as fast as possible. Try it for yourself by creating an account with the best benefits and discover top features.
Global Money Transfer

Fast & secure way to transfer funds globally to any bank account, Multiple features available for 135+ countries around the world.
  • • Supports 150+ Currencies
  • • Best Exchange Rate
  • • Amount Transferred = Same Amount Received
  • • No documentation load
  • • Swift & secure transaction
  • • No Minimum & Maximum Limit
  • • 0% Transfer Fee (No hidden charges)
  • • Easy global transfer in few clicks
  • • Direct transfer to bank account
Bit Globals Wallet

Hold bitcoin in your wallet and exchange only when you're making payments or you got the best rates and deal.
  • • Instant Transfer & Instant receive Bitcoin
  • • Wallet to Wallet/Bank Transfer
  • • No Limit Wallet
  • • Secure Storage & Get full control on wallet
  • • Highest security algorithms (Be carefree and trade risk free)
  • • Private & Secure
Bit Globals Master Card

Free virtual Master Card same like Bank’s debit card, The cash back and bonus you earned will be credited to this card.
  • • Instant Virtual Master Card
  • • P2P Transfer 24x7
  • • Instant Fund transfer / withdrawal* (No Limit)
  • • Zero transaction Fees
  • • Use bonus/cashback for 60million merchants globally
  • • Will work on phone, need not to carry other cards
  • • The daily transaction limit is $20000 USD
  • • Buy the things you love with Master card.

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Here are a few reasons why you should choose Bit Globals

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Buy and sell

Buy and sell cryptocurrencies 24 hours a day

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Withdraw funds in all formats

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Global Fund Transfer

Multiple services available for 135+ countries around the world

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Vault protection

For added security, store your funds in a vault with time delayed withdrawals

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Full control of your wallet, No limit!

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Instant Transfer

Send free and instant payments to anyone.

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True Value of Bitcoin

Sell us & True Value of your Bitcoin

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Secure storage

We store the vast majority of the digital assets in secure offline storage.

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Buy Sell Bitcoin in local currency, support 150+ Currencies.

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0% Fees

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E-Debit Card as like Bank debit card

25% cashback on every sell & receive transactions, use funds for Merchant payment & withdrawal.

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Investment portfolio

Create and control the evolution of your investment portfolio.

Open your account today FREE & earn up to $5000 as a Welcome Bonus!

Access the entire suite, without opening cost or maintenance costs.