How to start an affiliate program:

Description: Fast & secure way to transfer funds globally to any bank account, Multiple features available for 135+ countries around the world and supports 150+ Currencies.

Commission per sale: 2.5% of commission on all referrals purchases including all future purchases.

  •  How Long Commissions Are Earned: Lifetime
  •  Payout Frequency: Monthly
  •  Minimum Earnings for Payout: US $100
  •  Provides Reports on Your Referrals: Partial
  •  Has this program been tested to work: Yes.
  •  Conditions to join the program: None - Just register in Bitglobals affiliate program and confirm email.
What is Crypto?

Ready to be an Affiliate?

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Step 1

Apply today to share the benefits of crypto.

Step 2

BitGlobals will review your application and once approved, you’ll receive a unique referral link to provide to your audience.

Step 3

Promote through any custom link in articles, social media, ads, and other forms of content, and earn commission on every new active customer!

Who’s Eligible to be an Affiliate & Benefits?


Influencers, content creators, and crypto community leaders who align with our mission of empowering the individual through crypto.


Bit Globals users who are familiar with our product offering and wantto contribute to our overall growth.


Organizations that align with our brand values and want to share the future of money with their communities.


Become Partner with the most trusted crypto exchange in the world


Transparent campaign tracking and reporting


Compensated in your preferred currency of choice

Affiliate Partnership

If you own a you tube channel, blog, digital security, finances or any other marketing platform then you have a great opportunity to create an interesting content and earn at the same time. Join Bit Globals program to promote the Bit Globals waller and earn while spreadings the knowledge about cryptocurrencies.

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