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Send and receive money to over 135 countries around the world, 10x better prices the banks

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International fund transfer at the push of a button
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Create a free account in less than 30 seconds.

2. Load fund and Add Receiver

Add Beneficiary or bank details. Select what you want to do.

3. Fund transfer

Start sending and receiving money from abroad at the click of a button and get your transaction completed within 24 hours.

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With Bit Globals, International Fund Transfers are Quite Easier

Sending & receiving money overseas with Bit Globals is not only cheaper and more convenient but also really fast and secure!

What is Crypto?

10x Cheaper than Banks

We offer live exchange rates with no mark ups.

What is Crypto?

Same-day transfers

Your recipient will typically receive the money within a day.

What is Crypto?

Wide Global Coverage

Local payments to over 135+ Countries

All in one Platform

Bit Globals is your number one gateway to financial independence, business security, and also luxury service 24x7

Your money: You are the only one in control

Bit Globals offers competitive rates for instant transfer to any destination anywhere in the world, with a guarantee of transferring in just one day to more than 135 countries completely and completely. This is in addition to maintaining the smoothness of the experience by supporting more than 150 currencies, providing an instant global exchange rate, and also not placing limits on the number of transactions, or their amount.

Bit Globals super easy services

• Fast & secure process
• Paperless process
• Zero transfer fees
• Best exchange rate
• No hidden service charges

What is Crypto?

Super Easy Services

Whether it's dollars, euros or any other currency, we're with you.



Supports more than 150 currencies


No limit

No Limit while receiving & Sending money



Transfers without fees, at an instant exchange rate!


How much receive?

Amount transferred = Same amount received by the receiver



Maintain the 100% high levels security standard


Access 24/7

Make operations whenever you want, we never rest.


Best Rate

We guarantee an easy and fast conversion, all based on real-time rates



Least time and the highest quality



Access from anywhere on planet earth.



Paperless process, No documentation burden



Easy global transfer in few clicks



10x cheaper than banks

How does Bit Globals offer the best rates?

What is Crypto?

How does Bit Globals offer the best rates?

All the Banks have hidden charges (cable fees and commissions) which are not immediately known to you because they are built into the exchange rate, but our overseas fund transfer has zero hidden charges.

On the other hand, we offer you rates you didn’t enjoy, until now! Until now! What’s more, we are upfront and transparent about the charges, because we believe you have the rights to know.

How do we keep the charges low for you?

We make a local transfer to the receiver’s bank account. This means the recipient will receive the money at no cost and you enjoy the best rates.

Also as an online platform, we do not have the overheads that many institutions pass on to their customers. Costs which you would not want to pay for.