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Free For Every User On Bit GlobalsHow to Sell Bitcoin BTC
Sell bitcoins at the best price and in real time and get a receipt with all the details of your sale instantly. Selling Bitcoin has never been so easy, fast and secure. Once sold, you can hold the price as long as you want, or send to others or use them to further buy Bitcoin or withdraw them to your bank.
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1. Create your account, it's free!

Create or access to a Bit Globals account. Creating an account is completely free and you will have access to all the features.

2. Access the wallet

Access Bit Globals Wallet, a Crypto wallet with support for bitcoins and traditional currencies

3. Buy Sell Receive Bitcoin

Start creating your own portfolio and trade by clicking a button.

Secure and Swift

How to sell Bitcoin on Bit Globals instantly, at the best price


Sell Bitcoins at the best price and get instant cash. Also, buy Bitcoins from us with no hidden charges.


Withdraw bitcoin in cash through multiple channels like ATM

Bit Globals Master Card

Pay and withdraw around the world with Bit Globals master card and get 25% instant cash back on each transaction.

Bit Globals Wallet

Receive funds in your wallet where you can hold the currency for as long as you want.

What is Crypto?
What is Crypto?

Manage Bitcoin easily

Wallet Crypto all in one

Manage your Bitcoins from Bit Globals Wallet, a next-generation wallet. Use it to buy more Bitcoin, sell them, send and receive payments.

Bit Globals Wallet is the multi-currency wallet you need!

How does Bit Globals offer the best rates?

All the crypto exchange have hidden charges, commission charges which are not immediately known to you because they are built into the exchange rate But Bit Globals overseas fund transfer has zero hidden charges. There is a huge difference in buying and selling price but Bit Globals offer the best price with minimum charges, the reason because we are connected directly to the Bitcoin and take no extra charges.

If you have invested in cryptocurrency, you can store them with Bit Globals as your rates will automatically increase due to the best exchange price Bit Globals offer. Not just this but we also offer you 25 % cash back which can be further used for e-shopping, e-tickets, hotel booking, flight tickets etc. All your investment is safe with us due to the use of high level security based algorithms.
In our wallet you get the full control, instant same day withdrawal.

We assure you the best rates like nowhere, you may go and search and then come back to us.
On the other hand, we offer you rates you didn’t enjoy, until now! Until now! What’s more, we are upfront and transparent about the charges, because we believe you have the rights to know.

What is Crypto?

For Beginners and Professionals

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Multi crypto

Sell the Bitcoin BTC with one click & get 25% instant cash back


Get paid however you wish

Withdraw with the payment method that is most comfortable for you.


Zero commission

Make your sales at the best possible quotes.


Wallet and Swap

Store funds and exchange for other cryptocurrencies



High levels of security for access and management.


Working 24h

Make operations whenever you want, we never rest.


Best Price

True value of your Bitcoin



Sell/Buy Bitcoin in just seconds, with a click.



Access from anywhere around the globes


Local Currency

Withdraw in local currency Support 150+ Currencies


No limit Account

No Limit on buying & selling


Withdraw funds

Instant withdrawal like nowhere