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Manage Bitcoins and traditional money from the same place in a simple way. Make instant payments around the world, buy and sell cryptocurrencies, create free master cards, receive/transfers to your shared payment account number and much more.

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1. Create your account, it's free!

Create or access to a Bit Globals account. Creating an account is completely free and you will have access to all the functionalities.

2. Access the wallet

Access Bit Globals Wallet, a multi-currency wallet with support for Bitcoins and traditional currencies

3. Be Free to Send, receive, store and exchange Bitcoins easily and quickly.

The Best Wallet Crypto in the Market

The Best Bitcoin Wallet

Buy, Sell and Transfer funds globally

Buy, sell and exchange multi-crypto without abandoning the security, ease, support and speed that only Bit Globals offer you.

Never miss any chance to access the best deals and the best prices here in Bit Globals.

Full Control Wallets

Buy, sell, exchange, store, transfer and receive bitcoin and global fund transfer

What is Crypto?
What is Crypto?

Send and Receive Payments

Quickly send and receive money around the world. It doesn't matter if you are in Spain, Mexico, Japan, India or any country in the world: Bit Globals is your new digital bank, and it is always with you.

We allow instant and free payments to anyone in the world, no waiting, no hidden charges

Make Transaction Easy in 2 seconds.

Bit Globals makes it easy for you. We support adding and withdrawing funds, you can even store your currency in the wallet for long.

Withdraw funds with: Bitcoins, international bank transfer, cash, transfers to friends and Bit Globals Master Card.

Mastercard crypto card

Imagine being able to connect your wallet multi-crypto directly to a Mastercard, virtual or physical that we send directly to your address after 1st transaction in maximum 15days.

With Bit Globals Card you can pay with multi currency transparently, and at the best price of the moment, in more than 40 million physical and online stores around the world and even withdraw cash from ATMs anywhere any time.

What is Crypto?


Don’t have a second thought before investing in Bit Globals. We offer the best security to maintain your balance.

We implemented Second Authentication Factor (2FA), instant notifications, detailed session history and detailed operation history. Our expertise have maintained high level user and infrastructure security to keep your money safe and secure.


Hold bitcoin in your wallet and exchange only when you're making payments or you got the best rates and deal.


No Limit Wallet

Create a wallet as you need, No limit!


Buy and sell

Buy and sell cryptocurrencies 24 hours a day.


Price Charts

Monitor in real time the price and its variations


Deposits and withdrawals

Deposit and withdraw funds in all formats.


Receive Transfer

Instant Transfer & Instant receive Bitcoin


Full Control Wallet

Secure Storage & Get full control on wallet


Investment portfolio

Create and control the evolution of your investment portfolio.



Send free and instant payments to friends



Receive notifications in real time via email and web.


High security

Highest security algorithms (Be carefree & trade risk free)


Quick Transfer

Wallet to Wallet & Bank Transfer



Safest wallet with high level security are used.